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Top myths about moving companies in London, Ontario

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about the moving industry that often prevent people from getting the best deal or the level of customer service that they deserve.The moving industry in London, Ontario is no different.

We’re going to take a look at these myths so that you know what to watch out for and how to get the best possible deal and fair treatment from your London, Ontario moving company.

1) It is common for people to complain about a moving company that they believe has not treated them right or made a mistake.  The reason that people think that this is common is that they only ever hear the bad reviews.  The truth is that many moving companies in London, Ontario are respectable and pride themselves on providing an excellent and professional service every time.

You will need to do your research if you want to find the best moving company in London, Ontario.  With just a few clicks you can weed out the cowboys and find a team that will get the job done right the first time.

2) You can’t schedule a move in advance

The best moving company in London, Ontario will be able to schedule you in at a precise time and date so that you can be certain that not only will the moving company respect your possessions, they will also respect your time.

3) You can use any old box when moving house in London, Ontario

This is a big one.  You should plan to use professional boxes and packing material if you want to ensure that all of your things arrive at your new home in one piece.  It is tempting to save a few dollars on skipping this step but it is definitely worth it.  You will also find the moving process much easier by keeping all of the boxes a uniform size.

4) The labels on the box can be simple and vague

You need to be very organised when it comes to labeling your boxes.  This will save you a lot of time when you come to unload and unpack.  The movers need to know which room each box is going into.  Many people will often keep a separate inventory of what is in each box.  This can prevent a nightmare situation where all you want to do is sleep but you have to open each and every box to find out where you put the pillows. You will probably be tired when you arrive at your new London, Ontario home, so anything you can do to make your life easier once you get there should be done.

5) Everything needs to go into a box

You don’t need to put everything you are moving with onto the truck. The London, Ontario moving company can take care of the heavy lifting but if you are not moving very far and you want to take a few delicate items in your car then go right ahead.

6) You can wing it when you get to your new home

You absolutely need a plan for when you get to your new London, Ontario home.  This is  very important for where you place each and every piece of large furniture.  If you can label the boxes with which room they are going into and even provide the movers with a map, that will help a great deal.  It also helps to pay attention so that if you see something going into the wrong room you can spot it straight away and stop it.

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18 Things You Must Do After Moving Into your new London, Ontario Home Part 3

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  1. Looking after your children after the big move

Your children will need some time to adjust to the change in location.  With a few simple tricks you will be able to have them settled and happy in their new London, Ontario home in no time. After the moving company has left you should spend some time getting their room prepared in a similar layout to how they had it at your previous home. If you have the time and flexibility to paint the room the same colour as their old room then that is even more ideal.  If possible you should keep the child’s routine the same.  If you have moved a great distance, you may need to change things up a little bit and find new activities for them.

If you have moved a great distance, you may need to think about the school that your child will be going to.  The sooner you get this process going the better.  You need to gather all of the related school records and conduct some research on the local schools

  1. Get registered at a local doctor

If possible it is always best to stay with your previous health care provider provided you have not moved too far away from them.  If you are unable to make it to your old doctors or dentist, then you will need to register at a new location.  You can even ask for a referral from your existing doctor and they may be able to point you in the right direction.

  1. Don’t forget to change the address on your licence

You should put this down as a top priority as you need to have this done by law.  The address on your licence must be accurate.

  1. Take a long hard look at your finances

Before you even spoke to your London, Ontario moving company you probably had a budget outlined for the whole move.  Now is the time to reassess and see if you were over or under the budget.  If you have some money left over, perhaps you could invest it in some small home improvements to make the adjustment to your new home just that little bit more comfortable.

On the other hand you may need to look to adjusting your monthly budget to account for some unexpected moving costs and urgent things that need to be done to your home.

  1. Get decorating!

We’re almost there, you can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You are ready for the really fun stuff to begin.  You can start to make the home your own.  The logistics of moving into your London, Ontario home are now taken care of.  You are completely unpacked and ready to start styling your home to your personal taste.  You could paint, hang photos, put down a nice rug or anything else that you didn’t have space for in your old home.

Think of your new home as a blank slate, you can do whatever you want to it to make it a place you will love and cherish for ever.

  1. Meet the locals

You can never go wrong with introducing yourself to the neighbours.  Many great friendships have been formed by simply knocking on a door and saying hi.  Being on good terms with the people in your neighbourhood is also a very good safety measure. They can keep an eye on your home and will be able to notice anything out of the ordinary.

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18 Things You Must Do After Moving Into your new London, Ontario Home Part 2

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  1. Childproofing time

Now that you have moved into your new London, Ontario home you need to think about all of they ways you need to childproof.  Your new home will have a different layout and give your child or toddler a whole new realm to explore.  You may need to buy more childproofing devices to make them more compatible with your new home’s design.  Ideally this should be done after you have moved in and unpacked the essentials.  If at all possible you need to make sure that your can have your children looked after by a family member or friend so that they are not left unattended until after the move is completed and your home is fully childproofed.

  1. Install your appliances

Moving a large appliance is not easy task.  You will need the best movers in London, Ontario if you plan on having your fridge, freezer, washing machine or dishwasher installed correctly.  Not only are these very heavy appliances, they are also a little tricky to install.  Make sure you are certain of where these appliances go because once the London, Ontario moving company has left you may not be able to move them on your own.

  1. Keep motivated and get everything unpacked

It can be very easy after you have gotten a lot of the essentials unpacked to sit back and have the remaining boxes just sit there.  Many people will go for months in a new home before they get to unpacking everything.  To avoid this, you just need to set aside a couple of days to get it all done.  Even asking some of your friends to pitch in can make a huge difference.

  1. As you unpack, recycle

As you begin to unpack after your London, Ontario moving company has left, you should think about where you are going to put all of that cardboard.  If you have downsized you may want to hang onto a couple of boxes if there is anything that you want to put into storage.  Ask around and see if any of your friends need boxes for anything, you may find that someone is in desperate need of some storage materials.  Finally, you should recycle all of the boxes and other packing materials that you have.

  1. Get cleaning

After your London, Ontario move it is time to think about your new home and how comfortable you are to live in it.  The first thing you should do is to give your home a very good and thorough cleaning.  Even though your house is new to you, it may still have been well lived in by the previous occupants.  Even if your new London, Ontario home is pristine and spotless when the London, Ontario moving trucks arrive, after you unpack there will be the a lot of debris from the packing materials.  You will have to get to work and make sure everything is thrown out or recycled.

Spending a little more on quality cleaning products will make a huge difference to the amount of time and effort you need to spend cleaning your home.

  1. Look after your pets

Moving into your London, Ontario home can be a huge upheaval for all of the family.  Pets can often be affected too.  If you notice that they have become quiet or withdrawn you need to make sure that they feel comfortable in their new home and have a space to call their own.  It may take time, but they will be back to feeling at home in no time.

  1. Make sure that your mail is redirected

You can easily take care of this at your local post office and have the mail that goes to your old London, Ontario home redirected to your new address.  It is also a good idea to call your bank, cell phone company and anyone that sends you correspondence on a regular basis that you have changed address.

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18 Things You Must Do After Moving Into your new London, Ontario Home Part 1

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your London, Ontario move, all of your possessions are now comfortably in your new home and you can look forward to unpacking.  You’re almost ready to relax and enjoy your great new place.

You are not quite there yet, there is still a lot to do before you can sit back and open the champagne.  We have prepared an essential checklist of what you need to do to so you can breeze through the important things you need to do in your new home.

  1. Take an inventory of all of the boxes that were delivered

When you’re getting ready for your London, Ontario move you should have made sure that you made a list of all of the boxes and their contents.  Any good London, Ontario moving company should have made sure that this was done as it protects them just as much as it does you.  By having this checklist you are able to make sure that all of your possessions have made it to your new home.  If anything was left behind, it is best that you find out now.

Provided you took the time to choose the best and most reliable movers in London, Ontario you will be fairly confident that your boxes have been carefully moved and that none of your items have been damaged.  Even when you have the best movers, accidents do happen.  For this reason, you should inspect all of the boxes for any damage and report it to the moving company so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

  1. Make sure that you are set up for utilities

You will have probably already done this in advance of moving into your new home.  If for whatever reason you have not, you need to do this as soon as possible.  After you have taken care of the essentials like heating and water you should move onto other things like internet and TV.  You’ll need both so that you can relax after your London, Ontario move.

  1. Unpack Essentials

After your London, Ontario move you will need to unpack.  You may not be able to unpack everything in one day so you need a plan.  You want to be able to access your essentials on day one at least.  This could include cooking equipment, bedroom and bathroom supplies.  A top priority is to get your bed set up.  After a day of packing up and having your London, Ontario moving company unload the truck you will be ready for a nice long sleep.  Remember, it’s not just the bed you need, you’ll also need bedsheets and pillows.

  1. Make a plan

You can use this list to function as a plan, but you may not need all of these tips.  After the London, Ontario movers have left, you need to have a plan of action that will get you settled as soon as possible.  Make a list of things you need to accomplish and when you plan to have each stage complete.  Once you have written down this list you will feel much more comfortable with the task ahead.  It will seem much more manageable now that it is in bitesize chunks.

  1. You need to check more than the boxes

Now that you are happy that all of the boxes have been delivered safely by your London, Ontario moving company you can now give the house a quick once over.  You shouldn’t find any surprises as an inspection will have been performed before you purchased the home, but still it doesn’t hurt to open every drawer and look under any furniture that was left behind.

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