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moving with children
20 Mar, 2017 No Comments

Tips for planning your London, Ontario move when you have young children

Moving a house with children can be a lot more challenging than most people expect. It surprises many London, Ontario parents that the logistics of moving with children are not nearly as hard to manage as the emotional aspects. If this is the child’s first move they may be very sensitive to the idea. Don’t worry though, by making the whole process fun, it can be a real adventure for them

Here are some top tips to help with your London, Ontario move:

  • You should tell the children about the move as early as possible. This gives them plenty of time to get used to the idea and get excited about a new home and bedroom.
  • When you do tell the children about the move, make sure to listen to all of their questions and answer them fully. Keeping positive throughout the whole process is very important too, as a parent, you know children pick up on a lot.
  • Get children involved in every aspect of the move that is practical. They can be in charge of packing up some of their toys for example.  This can also be a great opportunity to sell or donate some unwanted toys.
  • You can give them a special box that they can pack a few of their most loved possessions. They can decorate it and when they see it come off the truck and go into their new bedroom it will help enormously with the understanding of the process.  Make sure kids pack a special box with their most treasured possessions. Encourage them to decorate the box, and ensure that this carton is loaded last. That way, the kids can have their “special” box right away when your goods are being delivered.
  • If you are moving far enough away that you won’t be able to carry on with their usual routine such as swimming or gymnastics make sure that you have a new location for it close to your new home.
  • Ask for help from friends and family. It can be something as simple as having a niece or nephew come over to play with you child, or whole groups of family members pitch in and help pack things up.
  • You can show the children pictures of your new London, Ontario home before the moving date. This will really help them when they see it for the first time in person as it will seem much more familiar and welcoming.
  • Try to keep the layout of their bedroom the same. If possible, you should attempt to keep the layout of the furniture as similar as you can to how it was in their old room.  After your London, Ontario move your child will be able to adjust much easier if they know where everything is in their new bedroom.  You can even go one step further and paint the room the same colour and carry forward the same decorative theme.
  • If they’re not upset during or after the move to your new home, be prepared for a breakdown days or weeks after the move once it has settled in that they’re not going back to their old home. This is perfectly natural and will pass in time. The main goal is to make it clear that you love your new home as they will pick up on any negative vibes.

By following the above tips you will greatly lessen the emotional turmoil that a London, Ontario move can have on a young child. There is not a perfect solution to helping your children through the move, but you know your kids. Try to think up ways to make it a fun and exciting time.

Family moving to their new house in London Ontario
13 Mar, 2017 No Comments

Save Yourself Hassle & Frustration with these Useful Packing Tips

Planning for a move can be stressful and exhausting, but it doesn’t need to be.  With careful preparation you can save yourself a lot of hassle and frustration. The first place to start is packing your things correctly. This is the cornerstone of any well organized move.

You’ll need the right packing materials if you want to be as efficient as possible and to keep your belongings safe during transport. Here is the list of items you should get:

  • Tissue paper, packing paper or newspaper
  • Packing tape
  • Stretch wrap
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Permanent markers or pens
  • Boxes

Now that you have all of your packing supplies you are ready to begin sorting your possessions and getting your move underway.  The most important rule of all is to have a realistic timetable for this stage.  You must have all of your home packed up before the movers arrive to pick up your things.

You should start with items and sections of the house you will not need between now and the date of your move. This would include everything you have in storage and things you do not use often.  The garage or the basement is a good place to start.  You should pack the house room by room.  This lets you close off packed rooms one by one, and will give you a boost and a feeling of accomplishment.  Trying to pack a whole house in one day can be a daunting prospect.  When packing boxes you always need to ensure that they are not too heavy and that you do your best to balance the weight between boxes.

When it comes to large and fragile items, you may want a professional to pack them for you.  Your London, Ontario movers should take on the packing of things like large mirrors, pool tables, pianos, chandeliers etc…

A reputable London Ontario moving company will want to make sure that each and every box is packed correctly.  This can be very useful in preventing anything from being broken in transport.  However, to avoid this, you should make sure that you have done everything possible to pack as best as you can.  Here are some tips to make sure you get it right the first time.

Do not be shy about adding a lot of packing material and cushioning to the boxes.  There should be no unused space in the boxes.  You should take extra care to pack fragile items with more cushioning material before placing them into a box. Label each and every box with your name, the room that they belong in and the contents of the box.

When packing up electronics you need to be especially careful. If you do not have the box for the item then you should look to a properly padded carton that can hold the TV or other fragile electronic item.  This should also be marked fragile in large letters and it should be clearly visible that it is a TV.  This applies to computers, monitors and anything else that is particularly susceptible to damage if mishandled or dropped. If possible you should label all cables that are needed for this separately.  This will make assembling the electronics at your new London, Ontario home much easier.

Your London, Ontario moving company will provide you with a list of items than can not go into the truck or van,  These will be items that can be hazardous when moved in such a manner. You may be surprised at some of the items on the list so make sure you ask your London, Ontario moving company before you start to pack anything.