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15 Jul 2016

How to Prepare for your Move

Moving homes can be overwhelming. In this post we’ll try to alleviate some of the stress and educate you on making your move as smooth as possible. Preparation is key!

Preparing for your move is not very difficult but there are a couple things that you should do before you start throwing things into boxes. The first thing that you should do is pull out a sheet of paper and write down a checklist containing the most important belongings that you own – things that you will need immediately following your move to a new location.

Once you have a list of your belongings that need to be packed first, the next thing that you should do is go through your belongings and throw away anything that you don’t need. If you find a lot of stuff that you don’t want to take to your new home but they are still somewhat value, you can consider holding a yard sale – you will make some extra money that way.

Tips on How to Pack your Belongings

Most people have to move homes at least once in their lifetime, and proper packing is essential.

Pack fragile items carefully, wrapping each item in a newspaper to avoid breakage; this applies to plates, glasses, cups, mugs and any other ceramic and glass kitchenware. Glass and ceramic items tend to be heavy, so it’s best to use smaller boxes. Make sure to tape the boxes for rigidity when handling. Label the boxes so that you can quickly find the item you need in your new home.

For clothes we recommend larger boxes. Clothes are lighter, and you can utilize a large box and pack a fair number of items in it. Taping on both ends is important to ensure rigidity and will avoid a potential of spilling your belongings in the middle of a street. You may also consider buying or renting special wardrobe boxes for clothing items such as suits, dresses, shirts, or any other item requiring a hanger to ensure wrinkle free delivery. If you are moving within South-Western Ontario, consider our moving supplies to help you move more efficiently.

09 Jul 2016

Hiring a Mover Makes Sense

When people plan to move to different home, they often wonder if it is worth hiring professional movers or whether it is better if they do it on their own. While with the help of basic knowledge of moving an individual can try moving his stuff on his own, hiring professional movers can make a huge difference to the entire process of moving. There are many benefits attached to hiring moving company vs DIY approach:

  1. Less stressful
  2. Faster turnaround
  3. Save money

If you choose to move yourself, you will need to rent a truck large enough to accommodate all of your belongings. Depending on size of your current home, you may need to make several runs, to move all the items. Considering the cost of renting a truck, insurance and fuel cost, you may actually save money by hiring a professional moving company, who will professionally utilize all the space available in their truck, to make the move in one shot; after all they do this day in and day out.

By saving the time required to go and pick up a moving truck, you can instead utilize the time to properly arrange all items for movers to efficiently load their truck. Disassemble all furniture such as bed frames, tables, desks and chairs if possible. Make sure to pack all nuts and bolts carefully in a ziplock bag and tape it to the item they belong to. Consider stretch wrapping all furniture items to avoid damage. By being prepared, with all items ready to be moved, you will save a lot of time and money – after all, movers charge by hour, and the more prepared you are, the less it will cost you.

Save time, money and inconvenience to your family and friends by hiring professional movers for your local move.

05 Jul 2016

Long Distance Moving & Packing

Kineto Van Lines is your best option when it comes to long distance moving from Southwestern Ontario. We built up a reputation within London, ON and all nearby areas and are known for our passion for the industry as well as our dedication to exceptional customer service and prices.

We take each and every job very seriously and want to make sure that our services are personalized for your particular needs and situation. We also want to offer you a free price quote, all you have to do is go onto the website and use the submission form found there and we will get back to you shortly.

We provide long distance moving within Canada, USA and internationally.

Packing for Long Distance Moves

Packing isn’t easy. It is stressful for your family, messy and very exhausting. So decide in advance if you want to hire professionals to do it for you. Even if you feel the strain halfway through the process, you can always call the professionals who pack people’s belonging for a long distance move, on a daily basis.

Chinaware, vases, glass frames, glass table tops, mugs, jars, dishes, etc. are all the items that require your special attention. Each dish must be separated from the other with a cushioning material such as dividers available in the market, crumpled newspaper or even pieces of cloth. When they are well separated from each other, box them and properly cushion them so that they don’t move within the box. Make sure that you don’t over-weight the box and put a strain on its bindings.

Clothing, on the other hand, is much simpler to pack. You could leave them in the drawers so that they be moved to the destination, in them, but this would fairly overweight the item. Simply take them out and fold them neatly (for greater compression) and box them accordingly. Remember to label each box, which will make it a lot easier to unpack.